Sustainable and energy-efficient buildings require intelligent mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions. Box Engineering is committed to creating high-performance systems, offering clients efficient operations and technological innovation. The careful, computer-modeled studies ensure each system balances initial cost against operating expenses to achieve a life-cycle cost-benefit ratio that meets or exceeds owner requirements.

Design Services

Sustainable Design

Mechanical Engineering

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) | Energy efficiency

Natural gas | Lifts & elevators

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Installations | Interior & outdoor lighting, roadlighting

Data, Voice, Security systems & Audio

Fire Engineering & Plumbing

Fire fighting and fire detection


Sewage treatment plants | Swimming pools

Consulting Services

Project Management

Project Management Services primarily include project planning, staffing, resource management, implementation, control, and delivering specified end results along with the appropriate documentation. We are determined to achieve specific milestones, both financial and technical, while working in tight-scheduled projects and with experienced multidisciplinary teams.

MEP Procurement Management & Budgeting

A procurement process requires a detailed operation framework and strong decision skills, at any project stage. PM services offered by Box Engineering provide its clients with value-for-money solutions and collaboration with the best market players, with the lowest possible risk associated with the ultimate success of the project.

Design, Implementation, Monitoring, Audition of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008

Quality policy is widely considered as a necessary management approach for long-term success through customer satisfaction. Apart from final quality control, the design and implementation of a Quality Management System enables our customers to monitor, achieve and continuously improve their product or service related goals. Our QMS services, usually addressed to technical companies, focus on delivering powerful tools for establishing strong customer-oriented relationships.

Construction Services

Tendering & Negotiations

Procurement routes have become more complex and contractors may take on additional functions such as design and management. Different types of tenders, i.e. open tendering, selective tendering and negotiative tendering, require careful drafting and co-ordination among involved partners and the clients, along with deep market knowledge. Negotiation tendering also requires strong analytical skills, not only for contract awarding, but also for dispute resolution.

Construction Site Supervision & Monitoring

Building construction and repairs require professional supervision permanently placed on site, to ensure that all works are executed effectively and in-line with clients’ guidelines. Box Engineering’s experts act as experienced site supervisors in diverse building projects, located everywhere in Greece and, in certain cases, abroad. Monitoring services provide our clients with the ability to address problems beforehand and as they arise, ensuring that they may exercise complete control at any project stage.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying, apart from the cost management process, includes risk management and evaluation, tender analysis and procurement advice and asset capitalization. For large scale projects, quantity surveying is vital for keeping records of variations to the contract that may significantly affect the overall cost.

MEP Installations’ Commissioning & Testing

As operators and users increasingly recognize the value of energy optimization, commissioning is moving beyond data center and mission-critical facilities to a wider market. Derived from National and other accredited standards, commissioning services, which include energy modeling, measurement and verification, provide our clients with tangible, verifiable metrics to evaluate and enhance a facility’s performance.